Auto Small Motor Armature Coil Winding machine ND-RM-AL2-N01

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Product model:ND-RM-AL2-N01

Product parameters

  • Wire diameter:0.08~0.55mm
  • Armature type:3~5 slots armature
  • Armature diameter:8~25mm
  • Max armature stack length:30mm
  • Winding motor speed:0~3000 rpm
  • Maxshaft length:70mm
  • Rated power:≤1.2kW
  • Air supply pressure:0.4MPa≤ working air pressure≤0.8MPa
  • Voltage:AC220V 50/60Hz
  • Working environment temperature:0ºC~45ºC
  • Working environment humidity:10%~60%(no condensation)
  • Machine dimension:1100*1100*1300mm
  • Package dimension:1200*1200*1500mm
  • Machine weight:320Kg
  • Package weight:430Kg

armature winding machine


1.This kind of Four Station armature Rotor Winding Machine is used for the small rotor with 3~5 slots.

2.There are 4 working stations, 4 rotors could be winded at the same time.

3.This rotor winding machine is controlled by PLC. All the parameter could be set on the touch screen, like wire diameter, turn number, armature slot number, winding speed etc. 

Main spare parts:

1. One set of tools
2. Four pcs wire bobbin(in which the copper wire is put)

Competitive advantages:
This armature coil winding machine has four working stations, and it can wind four armatures at same times. So it saves more time. 

We could customize machine for our customer.We directly supply our machines to many countries, like USA, France, Turkey, Iran, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico etc.

armature coil winding machine

armature coil winding machine rotor coil winder

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Auto Small Motor Armature Coil Winding machine

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