Automatic 5 Slots Small Motor Armature Winding Machine ND-RM-AL2-N02

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Product model:ND-RM-AL2-N02

Product parameters

  • Product name:Full auto motor armature coil winding macine with 4 winidng stations
  • Model:ND-RM-AL2-N02
  • Wire diameter:0.13-0.38mm
  • Rotor OD:≤ φ60mm
  • Rotor stack thickness:25~45mm
  • Notch width:≥2mm
  • Winding method:Winding clockwise / Counterclockwise winding
  • The number of rotor slots:3 to 24 slots
  • Winding Working station:4
  • Winding speed:0-4000RPM,driven by servo motor
  • Armature groove hook angle:any angle
  • Working temperature:45℃
  • Store temperature:50℃
  • Working humidity:<65%
  • Store humidity:<45%
  • Production capacity:About 200pcs/hour (depending on the number of windings)
  • Air source pressure:0.4-0.7Mpa
  • Voltage:3 phase AC 220V 50Hz
  • Main power:0.75KW servo motor
  • Machine dimension:W1100mm*L1150mm*H1300mm
  • Machine weight:300kg

3-24 slots small motor armature winding machine motor coil winding equipment mechanical


1. The motor armature winding machine introduction and characteristics

For the motor manufacturing process , the armature winding machine overcomes the traditional winding process 

and designs a unique winding structure, which effectively solves the big problem that 

the slot full rate of the motor rotor is too high, and makes the motor armature coil winding are 

more compact and the shape is more beautiful . 

Therefore effectively improves the performance of the motor and reduces the the product defective rate.

In the operation control, this motor armature winding machine is more humanized, 

and one worker can operate multiple machines at the same time,

 improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

The motor winding machine adopts man-machine interface, programmable controller online control, 

and Chinese and English language operation pages, which are simple and easy to understand and easy to operate;

User-friendly data setting, interactive man-machine interface can store multiple sets of winding work data, 

can be compatible with the data parameters of a variety of different products, 

so that the replacement of the motor rotor winding mold is more concise and fast.

This motor armature winding machine has an automatic fault alarm function, 

which can intuitively and quickly find out the cause of the fault, so as to solve the fault in the shortest time.

2.The motor armature winding machine application:

The motor armature rotor winding machine is used to manufacture small DC and AC motors , 

such as dishwashers, crushers, soya-bean milk makers, cooking machines, coffee makers, 

juicers, juicers, vacuum cleaners, mites, sweeping robots. Hair ball trimmer, electric razor, 

electric toothbrush, razor, hair clipper, cleansing instrument, egg beater, household purifier, etc.

3. The motor armature winding machine picture show:

1) Motor armature winding machine winding spindle display

small motor winding machine armature coil winding mechanical

2) Motor armature winding machine winding process

motor armature coil winding machine rotor winding machine

3) Motor armature display after coil winding

 5 slots motor armature winding machine

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Automatic 5 Slots Small Motor Armature Winding Machine

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