Automatic Mixer Armature Winding Machine ND-LAW-5B2

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Product model:ND-LAW-5B2

This mixer armature winding machine is used to wind wire into armature slots. The winding process can be programed in the touch screen. it is suitable for winding medium and big wire diameter armature.

(1) Machine function and characteristic

This armature winding machine is used for automatically hook type commutator armature winding, it is suitable for winding medium and big wire diameter armature. Automatic feeding, winding, indexing and wire cutting, only load and unload armature from material loader.

Equipped with touch screen and PLC, winding parameter could be set and modified on the screen.

We also have armature winding machine equipped with conveyor, operator only need to put several pieces of armature on the conveyor at one time, then machine will finish all the armatures automatically. We could produce machine according to customer's armature accordingly.

DDDND-LAW-5B3 armature winding machine.jpg

(2)Technical Parameter:

  • Wire diameter:Magnetic hysteresis method: 0.16~0.55mm/ Electric control method: 0.30~0.85mm

  • Armature O.D range:20~60mm

  • Stack length:10~60mm

  • Shaft diameter:3~17mm

  • Shaft length:Less than 300mm

  • Armature slot:Evenslot

  • Turn number:0~9999

  • Commutator diameter:12~40mm

  • Winding speed:0~3000rpm

  • Winding motor power:1.5KW* 2

  • Angle detecting speed:0~3000rpm

  • Angle detecting motor power:0.75KW*1

  • Air supply pressure:4~6Kg/cm2

  • The machine total power:4.0KW

  • Voltage:Three phase AC380V50/60Hz

  • Weight:1200Kg

  • Dimension:2000(length)X1300(width)X1800(height)mm

(3) Application

It is suitable for home appliance, car and power tool motor aramture.

Armature winding machine working station