Automatic armature rotor coil winding machine ND-LAW-5B2B

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Product model:ND-LAW-5B2B

(1) Application

The motor armture winding machine is suitable for home appliance, car and power tool motor aramture

(2) Technical Parameter:

Armature O.D range:20~60mm
Armature slot:Even slot
Commutator diameter:12~40mm
Wire diameter:

Magnetic hysteresis method: 0.16~0.55mm/

Electric control method: 0.30~0.85mm

Stack length:10~60mm
Shaft diameter:3~17mm
Shaft length:Less than 300mm
Turn number:0~9999
Winding speed:0~3000rpm
Winding motor power:1.5KW* 2
Angle detecting speed:0~3000rpm
Angle detecting motor power:0.75KW*1
Air supply pressure:4~6Kg/cm2
The machine total power:4.0KW
Voltage:Three phase AC380V50/60Hz

(3) Production efficiency of this machine
Around 1000pcs/8 hours,it is only a rough idea, depends on the armature slots number and turn number.

(4) The operation steps of this machine

Load armature on the shuttle manually, press START button,shuttle will deliver the armature to the winding position, and automatic winding, indexing and wire cutting,after completing, the shuttle will take out the finished armature from winding position, operator unload the finished armature, one cycle is completed.

(5) The armature coil winding machine show