Automatic double flyers armature Winding Machine ND-LAW-5B2F

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Product model:ND-LAW-5B2F


The automatic armature winding machine is suitable for armature coil winding with three shifts non-stop production

Three type coil winding mode: single slot - single hook, the single slot – double hooks, double layer winding; The armature winder could do twice winding in one slot, four times winding in the two adjacent slots. Total 100 sets parameter can be saved in the HMI as per the armature model No., during winding, the parameter can be dynamic displayed, including shift output, accumulate output, cycle time,etc.

The HMI will automatically alarm if any abnormal happens during production.

Single action, automatic and stepping operation could be switched.

stable swing type fixture, up and down protection mold, protect hooking

automatic wire breaking treatment, can be set to be snap break, there are two sequences: winding firstly then break, break firstly then wind.

Feeding method: cylinder feeding and manual feeding

General technical features :

1.Automatic level:Manually loading/unloading, auto winding.

2.Cycle time:According to the sample

3.Air pressure:0.5-0.7MPa, Voltage:3 phase380V AC±10%,50/60HZ

4.Temperature: -10~40℃,Humidity:40~90%

5.The device is equipped with three color light tower to indicate the machine status.

6.The equipment adopts the quick tooling change-over design, which can realize quick change-over.

7.Different level password protection.

8.The air supply of all equipment must be connected with the air source processing device to ensure the air source quality. It has Low pressure alarm function.

9.Anti-rust treatment on the surface of equipment parts (blackening, electroplating, painting).

10. The main equipment frame adopts welding frame, the upper side adopts aluminum profile and acrylic glass shape, and the host body color is air conditioner grey (RAL7035).

11.Each operation station is equipped with LED lighting.

12.The equipment has safety protection signs, safety parts are yellow, emergency stop button, operation warning signs.

13.The equipment is controlled by PLC and the touch screen is convenient for debugging.

14.Specification:Hook type commutator, double - flyer winding,High speed heavy duty type

Main specification

Product name

Armature rotor   coil winding machine

Wire diameter:


Armature O.D:

¢20~¢60 mm

Armature stack   length:

10~60 mm

Slot type:

straight slot(No more than 36 slots)

Armature slots   number:

Odd, even slot

Counting Range:


Commutator   diameter:

¢18~¢40 mm

Fly fork speed:

0~3000 rpm

Indexing speed:

0~3000 rpm

Action process:

Single action,   automatic

Air pressure :

4~6 Kg/cm2 ,0.5-0.7MPa

Machine power:






Power supply:

3phase 380V±10%    50/60 Hz

Total weight:

about 1,180 Kg


2000(length)×1300(width)×1800(height) mm3

Production   efficiency:

800-900set/class(calculated based on 12slots 24hooks,   20turns)

The armature coil winder display

armature winder coil coil winding machine

The Internal structure of the rotor coil winding machine

rotor winding machine 

The rotor coil winding machine Winding mold

automatic motor winding machine

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Automatic double flyers armature Winding Machine

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