Automatic vacuum cleaner rotor winding machine ND-LAW-5B3

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Product model:ND-LAW-5B3

Product parameters

  • Wire diameter:0.08~0.30mm (Mechanical type)/0.16~0.55mm (Hysteresis)
  • Winding slots:Odd/even number
  • Commutator diameter:8~40mm
  • Armature diameter:20~60mm
  • Armature stack length:10~60mm
  • Winding motor speed:0~3000 rpm
  • Control system:Mitsubishi PLC control
  • Air supply pressure:5~7 Kg/cm²
  • Voltage:AC220V 50/60Hz
  • Weight:1180Kg
  • Dimension:1800(length)X800(width)X1500(height)mm

This type of rotor winding machine adopts international advanced technology that use AC servo for winding and indexing. Also, this series of armature 

winding machine uses colorful LCD which is easy for users to change the parameter, and improve the efficiency largely. It is suitable for small wire diamter winding. The coil winding machine is a good choice for motor manufacturer.

(1) Machine Feature:

Three winding mode: single slot-single hook, single slot-double hook and double layer winding. It could do twice winding in one slot, four times winding in the two adjacent slots. It has automatic treatment for wire broken, 2 settable sequences is: winding before broken, or broken before winding.

Production parameter for 100nos armatures could be stored

Display parameter, including shift output, total output, consuming time, etc.

Automatic alarm if any abnormal condition occurs

Single action, automatic and stepping operation could be switched

Steady fixture, up and bottom protective tooling and protective wire hooking device

Loading mode: cylinder feeding armature automatically, get out finished armatures manually

(2)Common malfunction of this machine

Sometimes, there is servo alarm displayed on the touchscreen. In this case, there will be error code displayed on the servo driver(at the backside of machine), you could identify the problem according to the error code. The most common malfunction is the encoder cable which connects the servo driver and servo motor is loose, just need remove and reinsert the encoder cable again, problem will be solved.

(3)The rotor winding maching picture show

1. the coil winding machine Surface structure

armature winding machine

2.The rotor winding machine Internal structure

automatic rotor winding machine

flyer winding machine

3.The rotor windingn machine parts display

armature coil winding machine in india

armature winding machine suppliers

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Automatic vacuum cleaner rotor winding machine

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