Automatic Commutator Hot-stacking Machine ND-LWD-100PSJ

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Product model:ND-LWD-100PSJ

Product parameters

  • Feeding method:automatic feeding. Loading and unloading
  • Parameter setting:touch screen and power parameter setting
  • Power control method:current feedback high precision countercurrent
  • Commutator type:both hook type and raise type
  • Wire diameter:0.1mm-1.2mm
  • Armature OD.:φ10mm-φ50mm
  • Shaft OD:φ5mm-φ15mm
  • Commutator O.D.:φ15mm-φ40mm
  • Commutator slot/hook number:≤36
  • Current range:0.5-50KA
  • Voltage range:0.1-9.99V
  • Power range:1.00-99.99KW
  • Power control method:secondary constant current secondary constant voltage secondary constant frequency
  • Welding standard parameter range (1-63groups):
  • Electric parameter testing setting range:
  • current:00.00-99.99KA(0.01KA per unit)
  • voltage:00.00- 99.99V(0.01V per unit)
  • Frequency:00.00-99.99KW(0.01KW per unit)
  • Cooling method:water cooling
  • Air source:4kg/cm2—6kg/cm²
  • Power supply:three phase AC380V±10% 50HZ 40KW
  • Machine weight:800kg

This type of  Commutator Hot-stacking Machine is applied to fuse the armature commutator hook. It has cooling system to cool down the commutator after its fusing process. 

(1) Machine function and characteristic

It is controlled by PCL, all the data setting can be done on the touch screen. It can weld both riser and hook type commutator. There are four power control method, namely secondary constant current, secondary constant voltage secondary constant frequency. This machine can automatically fuse, and operator only need to load and unload rotor. 

(2) Application:

This machine is applied to DC motor and universal motor.

The machine is doing fusing now. 


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Automatic Commutator Hot-stacking Machine

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