Automatic Rotor Commutator Welding Machine ND-CW001

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Product model:ND-CW001

Product parameters

  • Armature diameter:15~100mm
  • Commutator diameter:5~60mm
  • Wire diameter:0.07~1.8mm
  • Max power:25KVA
  • Power supply voltage:220V±10%50Hz
  • Air source pressure:0.5~0.7MP

This rotor commutator welding machine is suitable for weld the commutator one slot by one slot. After pre-set the rotor specification, machine will do the welding once the start button is pressed. 

(1) Machine function and characteristic

It is automatically indexing, automatically welding, user only need to load and unload the armature. Welding current can be adjusted according to different wire diameter. Easy operation and adjustment.

(2) Application:

It is suitable for both hook and riser type commutator. It is suitable for home appliance, car and power tool motor armature.

The welding process

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Automatic Rotor Commutator Welding Machine

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