Semi automatic armature commutator hot staking machine spot welder ND-LWD-100MSJ

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Product model:ND-LWD-100MSJ

Product parameters

  • Loading method(choose any one from the following three methods):1.Manually loading/unloading 2.Manually push guide rail to load/unload 3.Cylinder loading/unloading
  • Indexing method:servo indexing
  • Commutator type:hook or riser
  • Wire diameter:φ0.2mm-φ1.0mm
  • Armature diameter:φ20mm-φ60mm
  • Stack length:10mm-60mm
  • Shaft length:50mm-250mm
  • Commutator diameter:φ10mm-φ40mm
  • Shaft diameter:φ3mm-φ17mm
  • Commutator hook/riser number:≥3
  • Zero finding method:manually place armature, cylinder drive one block for positioning
  • Pressure control method:spring + cylinder + pressure detection
  • Welding head cooling method:water cooling
  • Parameter setting:set on the touch screen and power source,Parameter also can be set
  • Power source control method:close loop feedback,high accuracy,inversion
  • Compressed air pressure:4kg/cm2-6kg/cm²
  • Welding source power:three phase AC380V±10% 50HZ 40KW
  • Water cooler power:three phase AC380V±10% 50HZ
  • Machine weight:800kg(for reference)
  • Dimension:785(L)x 910(W)x 2100(H)mm 3(for reference)

Hotstaking Machine Features

1. The commutator spot welding machine is used for motor armature rotor commutator hot stacking

2. The commutator hot staking machine is suitable for three shifts continuous production

3. Production efficiency:shift output is about 1500

4. Spot welding machine Loading method: manually loading/unloading

5. Dynamic display the parameter, including the shift output, accumulate output, cycle time,etc., if there is abnormal during production, the HMI will alarm

6. It has production(jog and auto) and commissioning mode

7. The parameter can be saved as per the armature model No., call-out the welding parameter through the Miyachi power source

8. It has welding limit function to remind operator to change the tungsten rod in time

Commutator hotstaking Process

1. Manually place the armature on the V block, positioning,

2. start the machine,

3. machine clamp the armature,

4. positioning cylinder withdraw,

5. servo motor executes indexing compensation angle,

6. automatically indexing, automatically welding, automatically detecting the welding pressure and do the related treatment,

7. manually take the welded armature away from the V block

Inverter welding power supply operation process

commutator hot staking machine

Other requirement

Machine height: 2100mm height from the ground, the gap between machine bottom and ground is 150mm

The armature commutator hotstaking Machine is assembled with safety curtain, double-palm start

The spot welding machine can set safety password on the HMI to avoid wrong operation

Equip with transformer if necessary to control the voltage fluctuation

The armature after commutator hotstaking process

commutator hot staking machine

The armature commutator hotstaking machine Related Equipments display 

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Semi automatic armature commutator hot staking machine spot welder

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