Automatic Armature Commutator Pressing Machine ND-LYH-104

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Product model:ND-LYH-104

Product parameters

  • Armature O.D:20-60mm
  • Shaft O.D:3-15mm
  • Shaft length:32-250mm
  • Armature slot number:8-24 slots
  • Commutator O.D:8-40mm
  • Speed amplitude modulation:0-670Hz
  • Air source:6-6Kg/cm2
  • Total power:1.0KW
  • Power source:AC220V,50/60Hz
  • Weight:About 400Kg
  • Dimension:910*880*1300mm

This commutator inserting machine can press the commutator into armature core automatically. Machine is easy to operate by press "start" button. It has a wide application.

(1) Machine function and characteristic

Auto commutator pressing machine is used for pressing commutator onto the shaft. Machine can do automatic feeding commutator and armature core. The touch screen could program the movement and related parameter. Machine can be connected with a conveyor to achieve mass production. 

(2) Application

This machine is suitable for home appliance, car and power tooling motor armature.

The inserting process can be shown as below 

armature commutator pressing machine.jpg

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Automatic Armature Commutator Pressing Machine

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