Auto Armature commutator skimmer fine turning machine ND-WGK-2XR

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Product model:ND-WGK-2XR

Product parameters

  • Product name:Armature commutator / collector skimmer
  • Armature diameter range:71~86mm
  • Armature shaft diameter range:3-16mm
  • Shaft length range:290~330mm
  • Cutter linear speed:50m-1000m/Min
  • Weight each cutting:0.02-0.2mm
  • Surface roughness:0.25micron for commutators. and rotor 0.4micron
  • Concentricity:≤0.005mm
  • Max cutting length:100mm
  • Belt press time:0.1s
  • Speed frequency range:0-60Hz
  • Air pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa
  • Frequency:50Hz
  • Motor power:750W
  • Frequency converting power:750W
  • Voltage:240V+/- 10%
  • Machine dimension:930×630×900mm
  • Weight:350Kgs

Automatic Armature commutator skimmer and collector surface turning Machine

1. Introduction and Features

This electric motor armature commutator skimmer is used for turning and cutting the rotor collector surface.

Automatic finishing lathing the armature commutator surface

Manual load and unload the armature.

Servo and pneumatic system control

The collector cutting precision is stable, effectively reduce the influence of the vibration of the machine on the cutting precision.

PLC System controls the whole system and displays the process on the screen.

The commutator cutting time is programmable

The commutator cutting speed is pneumatic adjustable

 automatic commutator turning machine

2. Application

This automatic armature commutator skimmer turning and cutting machine is use for precise skimming and cutting the armature commutator surface, is suitable for electrical tool, household appliances , vehicle, motorcycle starting engine, mini-engine and so on.


3. Picture show

a.The armature commutator skimmer turning machine table display

commutator turning machine

b.The commutator turning process

armature commutator skimmer and turning machine

c.Collector surface finishing turning completed

armature commutator cutting and finishing turning machine

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Auto Armature commutator skimmer fine turning machine

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