Rotor Insulation Paper Inserting Machine ND-LSI-1D

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Product model:ND-LSI-1D

Product parameters

  • Speed regulation range:0~60Hz
  • Insulating paper:provide by the purchaser(PET、DMD and DM, ect)
  • Insulation length:15~60mm adjustable
  • Insulating paper shape:Insulating paper shape(V type or flanged V type)
  • Insulation thickness:0.17~ 0.3mm
  • Efficiency:0.5~0.8S/per slot,loading-clamp-feeding-unloading
  • Air pressure:4~6kg/cm²
  • Tooling/fixture:fast changing integrity forming wheel structure
  • Machine power:1KW
  • Power:AC220V±10%(Voltage fluctuation range is less than 10%) 50/60Hz
  • Machine weight:About 300Kg
  • Dimension:1350mm(length) x480 mm(width) x 1720mm(height)


The armature insulation paper inserting machine is suitable for 3 shifts continuous production, automatically loading and unloading armatures

Three operation mode could be switched during the paper inserting working : JOG, automatic and stepping Dynamically display the current various parameters, including production, cumulative production, production time etc

If there is abnormal during production, there are touch screen alarm and buzzing alarm

Single-acting, automatic and step operation can convert among each other

Adopts vertical loading/unloading structure

General technical features:

1.This is automatic insulation paper inserting machine, the insulation paper can be automatically formed, cut and inserted, the length of insulating paper can be adjusted.

2.Air pressure:0.5-0.7MPa,Power: single phase220V AC±10%,50/60HZ

3.Temperature: -10~40℃,,Humidity:40~90%

4.The device is equipped with tree color light tower to indicate the machine status.

5.The equipment adopts the quick change-over tooling design, which can realize the rapid change-over.

6.Different level password protection.

7.The air supply of all equipment must be connected with the air source processing device to ensure the air source quality. It has Low pressure alarm function.

8.Anti-rust treatment on the surface of equipment parts (blackening, electroplating, painting).

9.The main equipment frame adopts welding frame, the upper side adopts aluminum profile and acrylic glass modeling, and the main color of the equipment is air conditioner grey (RAL7035).

10.The equipment has safety protection signs, safety parts are yellow, emergency stop button, operation warning signs.

11.The equipment is controlled by PLC and the touch screen is convenient for debugging.

Armature insulation paper inserting machine picture show

1. The armature paper inserter show

armature paper insertion machine insulation paper inserter 

2. The rotor is On the track of the armature paper inserter

rotor paper inserter 

3. The armature paper inserter working process

automatic motor armature insulation paper inserter

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Rotor Insulation Paper Inserting Machine

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