Pneumatic Servo Rotor Shaft Inserting Pressing Machine ND-LYZ-100S

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Product model:ND-LYZ-100S

Product parameters

  • Product name:Automatic rotor shaft pressing and inserting machine
  • Rotor OD:25-65mm
  • Stack thickness:20-70mm
  • Air pressure:0.4-0.7Mpa
  • Power:1KW
  • Voltage:three-phase AC380V 50Hz
  • Dimension:900X800X1600mm
  • Weight:400KG

Pneumatic electric servo rotor Shaft Inserting pressing Machine for AC/DC universal motor manufacturing

This automatic shaft pressing machine is suitable for press-fitting the rotor core and shaft of the motor. The machine is driven by servo pneumatic pressure, the performance is stable and accurate, the pressing depth is uniform, and the precision is high.

(1) Application

The automatic shaft pressing inserting machine is special machine designed for motor shaft pressing into rotor iron core. It is suitable for automotive motor manufacturing, power tool manufacturing, household appliances motor manufacturing.

(2) Features

1.Pneumatic servo drive, adjustable within 0 to 10 tons pressure range;

2.The motor shaft is pressed into the rotor core lamination by servo power. The press-in height and the pressing force are controlled by sensors. The pressure sensor and the grating scale are equipped to accurately measure the pressure and the depression height.

3. Alarm presetting. It has the upper and lower limit alarms of the iron core height, the iron core is not pressed in place to detect the alarm,  the upper and lower limits of the pressing force are detected and alarmed. When pressure or displacement goes wrong, it could be corrected timely.

4. The machine has automatic and manual operation, simple structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance.

5.The rotor core thickness and the position of the pressure shaft position can be set and adjusted as needed, and the press-in depth is controlled by mechanical limit;

6. Pressing and inserting different motor rotor core shafts with replacement tooling;

7. PLC program control with LCD touch screen , allow parameter setting, display, setting press-in force, push-in depth alarm range, indicating related pressure state, set mode condition ;

8. can automatically complete the entire work process;

9. Good press-in quality and high production efficiency.



(3) Specification:

Loading/unloading: manual

Servo electric cylinder pressing(torsion mode)

Manually place shaft and stack, mechanical position limit

Pressure displacement sensor

(4) Work process

1.Automatically pre-pressing rotor shaft by servo power

2.Automatic detection of lamination thickness

3.Automatic pressure detection

4.Pressing motor shaft into the core lamination;

Pressing height, the pressing force is controlled by sensor monitoring during operation.

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Pneumatic Servo Rotor Shaft Inserting Pressing Machine

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