Armature Insulation Wedge Inserting Machine ND-LSI-3W

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Product model:ND-LSI-3W

Automatic armature insulation wedge inserting and embedded machine for motor rotor

(1) Machine function and characteristic

1.The rotor wedge inserting machine is of high reliability to be under the control of PLC.

2.The electromechanical linkage device and the faults detection system is mounted.

3.Pneumatic work piece clamping automatically. 

4.The English operation system is available.

5.The rotor wedge inserting machine is easy to change the tooling.

6.The rotor wedge inserting machine body is light and elaborating.

7.If only the rotor to be processed is placed on the feeding track, the wedge inserting machine will finish the work such as the rotor lifting, clamping, shaping of the insulating wedge paper, cutting and inserting automatically.

(2) Application

This armature wedge inserting embedded machine is suitable for home appliance, car motor, and power tooling motor armature.

(3) Technical parameter

Armature O.D:20~60mm

Armature stack length:20~60mm

Shaft O.D:3~17mm

Slot number:6~24 slots

Efficiency:7S/pc (if slot number is 12)

Air source:0.4~0.7MPa

Rated power:1.5KW

Voltage;AC220V, 50H

(4)The armature wedge inserting machine picture