Automatic Armature Rotor Slot Insulation Wedge Inserter ND-LSI-2W

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Product model:ND-LSI-2W

Product parameters

  • Armature O.D:Ф20-55mm
  • Length of lamination:Max 60mm
  • Shaft length:50~250mm
  • Shaft O.D:Ф6~Ф20mm
  • Slot number:8-24 slots
  • Commutator O.D:Ф12~Ф40mm
  • Length of wedge:15-65mm, material is provided by user
  • Speed regulation range:0~60Hz
  • Wedge shape:flat, U or R shape
  • Thickness of wedge:0.2 mm ~ 2.0 mm
  • Efficiency:0.5sec - 0.8sec/per slot, loadingàclampàfeedingàunloading (total 8~10sec/cycle for 12 slots armature)
  • Air source:air pressure
  • Machine power:1.0KW
  • Tooling/fixture:fast changing integrity forming wheel structure
  • Voltage:AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Air pressure:0.5-0.7MPa
  • Weight:about 400Kg
  • Dimension:910 mm x 880 mm x 1300mm3

Automatic armature rotor slot insulation wedge inserting machine

1.    Main configuration


Proximity switch: Autonics

Panasonic frequency converter

Touch screen: WENVIEW PLD(7”)

Air switch: MITSUBISHI

Power source: Mingwei


Brake: MIKIPULLEY (Japanbrand)

Ball bearing: UBC (USAbrand)

Cylinder: Airtac

Air source treatment elements or electromagnetic valve: SMC


Continue operation for 3 shifts, automatically loading and unloading armatures

Could store production parameter for 100nos armatures

Display production data, including shift output, consuming time, etc. During machine running, the machine will alarm once anything abnormal occuring

Three operation mode could be switched: JOG, automatic and stepping

Easy to adjust

Machine has three color alarm light tower it indicate the machine status

The machine has level password protection function

The machine frame is welded, top side adapts aluminium alloy plus transparent organic glass, color is RAL7035

Machine has safety protection signs, safety parts are yellow, it has emergency button and operation alarm signs


The armature wedge inserting machine is suitable for home appliance, car motor, and power tooling motor armature.

4.The armature  insulation wedge inserting machine

armature wedge inserting machine

armature wedge inserting machine

armature wedge inserting machine

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Automatic Armature Rotor Slot Insulation Wedge Inserter

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