Segway Scooter Electric Bike Coil Winding Machine DCRX1-200C

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Product model:DCRX1-200C

This Segway Scooter Electric Bike Coil Winding Machine is used to wind motor coils into stators. The machine has two working stations and can wind two motors at same time. 

(1) Machine function and characteristic:

This machine equips with servo control system. It can diagnose fault, count output, etc. Other function such as auto winding, multi-diameter wires winding, auto indexing, auto skip slot and winding speed could be programmed in the touch screen. This machine is easy to operate and mantain.

(2) Technical parameter:

  • Wire diameter: 0.2~0.8mm

  • Stator diameter: 80~200mm

  • Winding number: 1~9 pcs

  • Stator height: 18~35mm

  • Power supply: 220V/ 50/60Hz 1.5Kw

  • Weight: 700Kg

  • Dimension: 1300*800*1500mm 

(3) Application:

The stator coil winding machine is suitable for wheel hub motor coil winding.

This electric bike winding machine winding picture

wheel hub motor coil winding machine

wheel motor stator coil winding machine