Balance car motor external armature wedge inserting machine DCCP2-200B

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Product model:DCCP2-200B

balance scooter motor rotor

(1) Application

The external rotor wedge inserting machine is used for wheel hub motor outer armature insulation wedge inserting process ,and the wedge inserter is sutiable for balance car motor, balance scooter motor, wheel hub motor.


(2) Main Feature

Indexing automatic by servo system, wedge feeding and inserting pneumatically. The working frequency is infinitely variable speeds. The slot number and wedge inserting slot can be set in the HMI. After wedge run out , machine will auto alarm.


(3) Technical parameter:

Product name:

Wheel hub motor rotor wedge inserting   machine

motor external rotor OD:


motor external rotor height:


Insulation wedge thickness:


Pithc time:


Power supply:

220V/ 50/60Hz 0.6Kw





(4) Picture show:

Balance car wheel motor external armature 

balance car motor external armature 

Balance scooter wheel motor external armature wedge inserting process

balance car motor rotor wedge inserting  

Balance scooter wheel motor external armature wedge machine

wheel hub motor armature rotor