Auto Ceiling Fan Coil Winding Machine ND-SR8002A

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Product model:ND-SR8002A

(1) Machine function and characteristic

This ceiling fan coil winding machine has two working stations. Controlled by micro computer, it can do  auto winding, auto array, auto indexing; array and indexing are controlled by stepping motor, winding is controlled by frequency converting motor, turn number could be accurated up to 0.1 round.

(2)Technical Parameter:

Wire diameter: 0.05~0.45mm
Stator O.D:100~163mm
Slot number;Less than 24 slots
Stack height: 6~30mm
RPM:Max 2500RPM
Voltage: 220V/50Hz, or customize
Power:AC 1.5KW

(3) Application:
Ceiling Fan Coil Winding Machine is suitable for winding ceiling fan stator, external armature such as frequency conversion alternator and generator armature.

ceiling fan winding machine

ceiling fan stator winding

ceiling fan stator coil winding