UAV Automatic Motor Rotor Flyer Winding Machine ND-NL-RT02

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Product model:ND-NL-RT02

Product parameters

  • Product name:Double stator BLDC outer rotor flyer winding machine
  • Dimension:900x2100x1700mm
  • Weight:500KG
  • Air pressure:0.4-0.7Mpa
  • Voltage:Single phase 220V 50HZ three phase 380V,50HZ.
  • Power:5KW
  • Stator OD range:D75-D198mm(need to change tooling)
  • Stator stack range:8-40mm(The tooling can be used with a stator with a height range of 5mm. Note: If the tooling is designed according to 35mm it can be used with a stator of 35-30. If it exceeds 35 the guard plate and I-block accessories need to be replaced.)
  • Wire diameter:0.35-0.65mm (If it exceeds this range replace the thick wire tensioner 0.65-1.3mm)
  • Primary qualification rate:≥98%(if neat wire array the stator stack height error is less than 0.2mm)
  • Cycle time:4min/pc(according to actual winding parameters.)

(1). Introduction

The automatic BLDC outer rotor flyer motor winding machine adopts double stations winding, is used for Brushless DC motor UAV drone outrunner motor manufacturing

(2). Main functions

 Adopt PLC automatic main R&D system, combined with pneumatic components, and man-machine operation interface, to automatically realize the main actions such as positioning, indexing, flying fork winding cross-slot, servo wiring, automatic thread trimming, etc., can store 30 groups parameter.

(3). Application

The automatic flyer winding machine is used for winding Micro Brushless DC motor outer rotor , is suitable for PTZ motor, drone motor, wheel hub motor, outrunner motor, etc.

(4). Picture show

automatic rotor flyer winding machine.jpg

Automatic drone motor outer rotor winding machine.jpg

Automatic Mictro BLDC PTZ motor winding machine .jpg

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UAV Automatic Motor Rotor Flyer Winding Machine

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