BLDC stator insulation board end plate pressing machine ND-QYD-0.5T

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Product model:ND-QYD-0.5T

Product parameters

  • Working table of the main machine:285×320(mm)
  • closing height:300mm
  • working stroke:150mm
  • Working pressure:5KN (0.5T)/ 0.4Mpa
  • maximum. Open the height:200mm
  • Work schedule:150mm
  • Table size:650 * 700mm
  • Throat depth:175mm
  • The distance between the workbench and the floor:780 mm
  • Stator out of the cylinder stroke:100mm,working pressure(10Kg)
  • Cabinet size:500 * 200 * 600mm
  • Rack and cover:40 * 40mm aluminum.
  • Table and the ground distance:1000mm (with brake wheel)
  • Material Conveyor Length:700mm (with 1 set of cylinder)
  • Machine color:aluminium alloy color or customized

I.The insulation board pressing Machine structure and function:

1.Machine consists of main machine, pneumatic system, electric control system, force measuring system;

2. The main cylinder and the top of the cylinder equipped with a pressure switch . And  the main cylinder compression stroke adjustable, to avoid over-pressure caused by insulation board rupture;

3.Pneumatic system consists three port five through reversing valve, filter regulation valve, pressure regulation valve, silencer and necessary pneumatic attachments;

4.Electric control system consists of miniature circuit breaker, indicator, time relay, middle relay, switch button and necessary electric attachments;Electrical components (such as sensors, pressure switches, etc.) with plug-type; device from the light curtain, the protection of a high degree of 500mm, three semi-enclosed protective cover,

6.Double palm start buttons, operation panel is at the front side of the machine;it is very easy to operate

7.Adapts emergency button, once it has emergency situation, press down this button, machine will stop working immediately, it enhance the safety and reliability;

8.Material conveyor and machine height can be adjusted;In the material conveyor with a cylinder to prevent NG parts into the next process;

9.Add 2 insulation panels to the left and right of the machine.

10.Manual loading, automatic unloading, can be connected to automatic lines.

11.Piston cylinder pressing down stroke is adjustable, helpful for protecting the end plate from bearing too much pressure;

12.There is guiding device, during pressing, there is no axis direction rotation; 

13.There is filter pressure reducing valve, pressure is adjustable.

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BLDC stator insulation board end plate pressing machine

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