Auto BLDC stator Inner needle winding machine ND-NXN1-60-80

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Product model:ND-NXN1-60-80

Product parameters

  • Stator OD:30-80mm
  • Stator ID:10-50mm
  • Wire diameter:0.18-1.5mm
  • Stack length:5-60mm
  • structure:Box type
  • Winding speed:800-1200RPM(speed is different for different diameter wire)

Auto BLDC stator Inner winding winding machine Needle winding machine(vertical type, single station)

1. Application

This  automatic stator winding machine is suitable for multi-pole brushless motor stator coil winding. It can winding different types of brushless stator coil.

2.Profiles and Characteristics

This BLDC stator needle winding machine adopts inner winding design, the structure of the box design, the entire coil winding process automation, high efficiency, safety,

The BLDC stator winding machine Can wind multiple shares coil at the same time ,

The winding speed can up to 800-1200 rpm.

The following picture shows the completed brushless stator winding, we can customize the machine according to customer requirements for different stator.


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Auto BLDC stator Inner needle winding machine

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