Brushless dc electric motor stator auto winding machine ND-SW05

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Product model:ND-SW05

Product parameters

  • Product name:Three Nozzle BLDC brushless dc motor stator coil needle winding machine
  • Wire diameter:0.09~1.1mm
  • Stack height:15~80mm
  • Stator O.D:60~150MM
  • Stator I.D:>30mm
  • Max speed/rated speed:700rpm(no-load)
  • Air supply:0.4~0.7MPa
  • Power supply:AC380V
  • Input power:5.0KW
  • Machine dimension:1000X1500X2100
  • Machine weight:1100KG

HMI brushless dc electric motor stator automatic winding machine with Three Nozzle Needle winding technology

(1)Main feature:

1.The motor stator winding machine is designed with all movements necessary for winding over only one shaft and driven for only one servo motor, assuring the complete synchronism between vertical, radial and angular movement.

2.Auto indexing, auto cutting, auto clamping, manually loading/unloading; 

3.The mechanical system has a continuous lubricating flow over all moving mechanisms.

4.Three needles winders are disposed in sequence and making winding up to 700 rpm maximum.

5.Slot no., turn no., indexing angle, rotation direction can be set inside HMI;

6.The winders are equipped with wire tension control system.

7.Machine diagnostic failure, Machine error will be displayed on HMI.

8.When wire is break/finished,  machine will auto alarm and stop.

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Brushless dc electric motor stator auto winding machine

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