Double Stations 36 slot stator Needle Winding Machine ND-S2W01B

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Product model:ND-S2W01B

Product parameters

  • Stator ID:φ25—φ60mm (Other specifications can be specially designed)
  • Stator OD:φ60—φ200 mm (Other specifications can be specially designed)
  • Stack length:10-80mm(Standard stroke)
  • Wire diameter:φ0.13—φ1.2mm(Other specifications can be specially designed)
  • Applicable pole number:multi-pole.
  • Servo mechanism:One 3KW Indexing Motor One 3KW Winding Motor with Brake 750W and 2 wiring motor
  • Voltage:380V/50HZ Three phase four wires
  • Spindle speeds:0---260 RPM adjustable
  • Air pressure:0.5---1MPa
  • Power:10KW
  • Dimension:1100*1300*1700mm(length * width * height)
  • Weight:500KG

Product Induction

1.The needle winding machine is Mainly used for multi-pole BLDC stator winding.

2.Each action cycle can wrap 2 stators, greatly improving the production efficiency.

3.During the stator winding process, manually feeding, automatic clamping mold, than reduce the labor intensity.

4.The stator coil winding process can realize Multiple taps (screen setting), wire clamping and wire cutting.

5.All aluminum alloy (anodizing treatment) plus imported acrylic protection.

6.The number of slots and cycles can be set through man-machine interface.

7. Electrical control, setting and display by PLC, display and servo motor are safe and reliable.

Functions  and Characteristics

1.For multi-pole stator winding, manual loading and unloading, automatic clamping, winding and shearing;

2.Tooling and fixture parts adopt downward positioning mode, stable positioning and reliable tightening.

3.Wire clamping and wire cutting, line part structure compact, wire clamping and wire cutting is completed at one time;

4.Can quickly replace different types of molds; (experienced in 20 minutes to complete)

5.Different stator and winding parameters can be quickly switched through the HMI to adapt to the requirements of different stators.

6.The machine fame adopts National Standard 4040 aluminum profile, the table board adopts Q235.

7.Full aluminum alloy protection

8.PLC control.

9.Fault display function.

Technical requirements to be achieved by products:

Winding method:It is based on the pattern of winding and the object.

The line is loose and tight, no injury, no breakage, ect.

The product is tested in brine within 10 Ma per minute.

Equipment safety index: accord with CE standard.

Cycle time:Depending on the winding parameters

Noise:Below 60-70 decibels


BLDC motor winding machine automatic stator coil winder

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Double Stations 36 slot stator Needle Winding Machine

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