Double working stations stator needle winding machine ND-DDR-IV-B

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Product model:ND-DDR-IV-B

Product parameters

  • Stator O.D:Φ30-Φ150mm
  • Stator ID:Φ10-100mm
  • Stack length:5-125mm
  • Wire diameter:Φ0.2-Φ1.50mm,select suitable tensioner as per actual wire diameter.
  • Pole no.:could be customized
  • Winding speed:400-800rpm (adjustable)
  • Tensioner:magnetic tensioner

Technical Parameters of Sator Needle winding machine


1.Double station, auto winding, auto tapping, auto wire clamping, auto wire cutting, auto wire arraying and auto wire acrossing. winding nozzle at each winding station, wind the stator one slot by one slot, the stator is requested to have plastic bobbin

Manual stator loading/unloading, stator clamping is finished by pneumatic chuck. 

3.Main controller adopts PLC, AC servo system and robot motion control system, to complete winding, arraying,

 auto indexing and wire cutting. 

4.Adopt switch power source and touch screen to display and 

set winding parameter.Adopt cylinder and Korea SYC magnetic valve to complete to assist winding action.   

5.Winding motor A and B axis is 4.5kw AC servo motor left-right rotation indexing, 

winding motor at Z axis up-down movement is 3.0kw AC servo motor, 

left-right horizontal movement at X axis is 750w AC servo motor, 

front-back horizontal movement and wire arraying Y axis motor is 750W AC servo motor.

6.Adopts screw rod and ball rail, precision degree is H(error precision is 0.01~0.02mm), 

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Double working stations stator needle winding machine

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