Four stations BLDC stator inslot coil winding machine ND-RXN4-60(132)

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Product model:ND-RXN4-60(132)

Product parameters

  • Prouduction name:four working stations BLDC brushless motor stator winding machine
  • Wire diameter:0.13mm~1.5mm
  • Max. winding speed:400-800r/min
  • Max.wire section number:5
  • Stack length:5mm~125mm
  • Stator ID:Φ10mm~Φ100mm
  • Stator OD:Φ30mm~Φ150mm
  • Pole Number:2、4、6、8
  • Air source:0.5MPa~0.8 MPa
  • Voltage:380V/50HZ, three phase four wires
  • Power:26KW
  • Machine dimension(LxWxH):1690mm×1260mm×2020mm
  • Weight:≈400Kg

Full automatic Four working stations BLDC stator winding machine / needle  inslot coil winding machine

Description for the needle winding machine:

Four stations, suitable for brushless motor stator winding.

Turn No., wire clamping indexing angle, indexing,etc.can be set on HMI.

Machine has self-diagnostics function, fault and solution can be displayed on the HMI, convenient for maintenance and commissioning.

Machine has self-protection device

High quality winding tooling: ensure the tooling quality by control the material, heating treatment, processing accuracy,etc..

High strength aluminium alloy frame

High accuracy 

Change-over time: 30mins


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Four stations BLDC stator inslot coil winding machine

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