Servo needle winding machine for motor stator coil winding ND-SW01

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Product model:ND-SW01

Product parameters

  • Product name:BLDC motor stator servo needle winding machine
  • Wire dia.:0.25-1.2 mm
  • Winding speed:0-350 r/min
  • Winding Method:Needle winding
  • Needle NO.:one
  • Stack length:10-180mm
  • Stator ID:50-180mm
  • Stator OD:70-210mm
  • Pole No.:4
  • Air pressure:0.5MPa~1 MPa
  • Voltage:380V/50HZ three phase four wires
  • Power:9.5 KW
  • Dimension:1200L*750W*1900H
  • Weight:About 400kg

NIDE manufactures this in-slot stator needle winding machine for winding a wide variety of BLDC motor stator. It combines with the latest needle winding technology and is known for its speed and stability in producing.

Needle winding machine Introduction:

The automatic needle motor winding machines is high-speed stator winders and is suitable for brushless /BLDC motor stator coil winding,manually loading / unloading,the machine automatically complete mold clamping,winding,wire clamping and cutting,it can achieve multi tapping (set on HMI).The stator slot NO. and turn NO. can be set on HMI.It can do multi strands wire parallel winding, and the machine has remote diagnosis function.

 automatic motor winding machine stator coil winder

Needle winding machine Application:

This motor stator automatic needle winding machine is suitable for household appliances such as washing machines, fan motors, ceiling fan motor , wheel hub motors, vacuum cleaners, mixers, hair dryers, cameras and household electric fans.

Needle winding machine Function and Characteristics:

1.The BLDC needle winding machine winds the required number of turns directly into the stator slot.

2.The needle winding machine offers an optimum slot filling coefficient and the wire is arranged in a very orderly manner, not randomly like a conventional winding machine.Winding into the lamination stack slot can offers savings of up to 30% in terms of copper wire consumption.

3.The needle winding machine is able to high efficiency winding stator without leaving any protruding copper wires.

4.The winding machine provides free programming, so you can decide where to anchor the initial starting wire before winding, whether to run the cycle clockwise or anticlockwise, and all the necessary position changes to complete the process.

5.Our motor winding machine have now been sold more than 50 countries around the world,Nide is the leading motor manufacturing machines supplier from China.

Needle winding machine Picture show

1.needle winding machine structure display

needle motor winding machine

2. Winding finished BLDC stator display

automatic stator needle winding machine

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Servo needle winding machine for motor stator coil winding

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