Auto BLDC motor Stator Slot paper insertion machine ND-SSI01B

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Product model:ND-SSI01B

Automatic BLDC motor stator slot paper insertion insualtion paper inserting machine for brushless motor manufacturing

(1) Technical parameter:

Product name: Automatic brushless motor inner Stator slot paper inserting machine
Stack height: 20mm ~ 60mm
Stator I.D: 50~ 150mm(can be customized if special)
Insulation paper width: 10mm ~ 55mm(can becustomized if special)
Insulation paper thickness: 0.188mm ~ 0.3mm
Slot No.: Odd(more than 8 slots)
Cycle time:11pcs/pc
Notching dimension: 0-3x45
Air pressure: 0.4~0.8MPa
Power supply: 220V AC 50/60Hz
Power: 7KW
Weight: 600Kg
Dimension:1600mm X 700mmX 1780mm

(2) Application:

The motor paper inserting mahcine is suitable for series motor, BLDC motor and stepping motor stator. 

(3) Machine function and characteristic:

This paper inserting machine is designed for inner stator to do insulation paper inserting. It adopts mechanical driven system, servo system and pneumatic system. As a result, the machine can automatically do positioning, pressing, paper feeding, paper forming, paper pushing. The paper edge can be auto chamfered so as to solve the winding problem caused by paper, and improve the percent of pass of stator. This machine is easy to operate, of high automation, and suitable for series motor, BLDC motor and stepping motor stator. 

(4) Picture show:

BLDC motor stator slot paper inserting machine

brushless motor stator insulation paper insertion equipment machine