Auto BLDC stator Terminal Inserting and test machine

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Product model:


Inserting stroke can be set in program, no need mechanical adjustment;

Terminal loading in roll;

Automatically feeding, positioning, pick-up, pressing, test the stator performance;


Adapts servo motor, the crimping process of the terminal machine can be controlled by setting the pulse number without screw adjustment, which ensure fast change-over;

Machine has self-diagnose function, failure will be displayed on the HMI, easy maintenance and convenient for commissioning;

Machine has 4sets servo motor, strong power and high precision;

Equip with auto conveyor, start and stop synchronously with the machine;

Optional configuration: if required, can add imported pressure management system to monitor the pressure curve of each terminal and compare with the master sample, if there is abnormal, machine will give warning.

Technical specification:


Weight:  360KG

Input voltage:220V  AC50/60Hz

Input power:1.5KW

Air pressure:0.4~0.7MPa

Change-over time:within 20mins

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Auto BLDC stator Terminal Inserting and test machine

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