Automatic BLDC segment stator core winding machine ND-SSW02

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Product model:ND-SSW02

Product parameters

  • Product name:Automatic segmented stator core winding machine
  • Wire dia:≤Φ2.0mm,copper wire or aluminum wire
  • Stack height:≤100mm
  • Core size:(according to drawing)
  • Winding stations:Two-axis three-station
  • Pass rate:The defect rate of the winding process such as wire breakage and poor insulation after winding is less than 0.1%
  • Cycle time:Stator O.D 84mm,I.D 42mm,stack height Max60copper wire dia 1.5mm,21 turns,single wire,about 20sec/2pcs
  • Winding speed:Max 300rpm

The BLDC segmented stator automatic winding machine adopts a three-station needle winding design, which can simultaneously wind 6 stator cores of brushless motors. The design of the segmented stator winding machine conforms to the human-machine principle. The height of the winding machine is suitable for employees to stand up to work. It is convenient and safe to operate. Except for manual loading and unloading of materials, all other automatic controls can minimize process actions and reduce labor intensity without affecting the personal physical conditions of the operators. Make higher-than-usual requirements. The segmented stator winding machine has good and comprehensive safety protection measures. The rotating parts, dangerous parts and dangerous parts of the equipment, such as transmission belts, shafts, transmission chains, couplings, pulleys, gears, flywheels, sprockets, etc., are equipped with protective devices. When the operator cannot enter the dangerous area or when the personnel stray into the dangerous area, the equipment can perceive the corresponding protection action and will not cause harm to the personnel: the emergency stop button switch is configured, and the protection device control system realizes linkage interlock.


This automatic stator winding machine is suitable for the winding of the segmented stator of brushless motors, such as the winding of the stator of a 3-phase concentrated winding motor.


  • Two ways of single winding and double layer winding can be realized by changing fixtures, accessories and equipment debugging.

  • Manually install the stator core, automatically wind the wire, leave the thread head, automatically strip the wire (optional), manually take the stator,

  • The height of the winding machine equipment is suitable for employees to stand and operate the machine, realizing all automatic control,

  • Servo motor control, the winding arrangement is neat and orderly, and the winding is according to the drawing.

  • Double axis and three stations, the distance between the double station axis is 400mm.

  • The product defect rate is less than 0.1%;

  • Safety requirements , Meet ROHS requirements; the equipment runs without oil leakage and pollution-free environment

  • The equipment adopts manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation modes, The side of the equipment is equipped with protective glass, and the front is equipped with manual operation sensors. It will stop in time during manual operation (uninterruptible power supply);Abnormalities in the production process can be alerted immediately, and protective measures can be taken to prevent injury or damage to equipment, with grating protection, no safety hazards;

  • The mold replacement is quick and convenient, and the entire mold replacement, installation and debugging process is less than 60 minutes.

  • The equipment runs stably, has a low failure rate, and is easy to repair and maintain.

  • During the operation of the equipment, there is no abnormal sound, vibration, no abnormal smell, and temperature rise meets the standard; the pressure is within the allowable range.

  • When the equipment is abnormal, the indicator light and buzzer alarm, and automatically take measures to ensure safety and protect the equipment.

  • The electrical control system of the equipment: with overload protection and short circuit protection functions. When the device's circuit is bumped into the case, the control system cuts off the power supply of the circuit within 0.1 seconds.

  • A three-phase five-wire power supply system is adopted, and the equipment shell adopts protective zero connection measures.

  • The motor is installed firmly, and the control requires overload, short circuit, and open circuit protection, and the protection level is above IP54.

  • Motor control mode: air switch + contactor + thermal relay or motor protection switch for control system.

Automatic BLDC segment stator core winding machine

Automatic BLDC segment stator core winding machine

Automatic BLDC segment stator core winding machine

Automatic BLDC segment stator core winding machine

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Automatic BLDC segment stator core winding machine

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