Automatic linear segment stator needle winding machine ND-SLR01

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Product model:ND-SLR01

(1). Introduction and features

The machine is suitable for open linear/segment stator winding, adopts needle winding with three needles.

It winds 1pc stator one time, manually loading/unloading, automatic clamping fixture.

During winding, it can achieve multitapping(set on the HMI), wire damping, wire cutting.

The slot No. and turn No. can be set on HMI.


Dimension: 1100X 850X 1600(L xWx H) (exclude the wire tensioner dimension)
Servo mechanism: 1pc 3KW winding motor with brake, 2pcs 750W lef-right and wire arraying motor
Voltage: 380V/50Hz three phase four wires
Stator stackheight: 10-80mm
Stator length : 60-300mm
Speed range: 0-500RPM adjustable
Air pressure: 0.5-1MPa
Wіrе dіа.: ф0.2-Ф1 .5mm(can be customized if special)
Pole No.: multi poles
Power: 20KW

(3).Picture show

open segment stator winding machine

linear segment stator needle winding machine

BLDC liner open stator needle winding machine