Armature automatic aluminum die casting machine XSZJ-K- 40T

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Product model:XSZJ-K- 40T

This armature aluminum die casting machine is suitable for aluminum rotor to do casting. It adopts a vertical structure.Machine can make four armatures at same time. 

(1) Parmater of this armature aluminum die casting machine



mold clamping   force


Oil cylinder travel


Max opening


Injecting force


injection cylinder travel


Working station area


injection chamber OD

60—120 mm

Motor power

7.5—4 KW

Oil pump model number


(2) Technical requirement

1.the machine is controlled by PLC.

2.Injection cyliner has three different injecting mode, slow injecting, fast injecting and secondary injecting. The injecting flow of fast injecting can be manually adjusted.

3.Machine is equipped with auto feeding device, cutting device and mold unloading device.

4.This machine has protector doors on all sides. It is pneumatic protector door in the fore-and-aft direction.

5 Machine is equipped with water cooling system.

6.Each machine is equipped with two pieces of stuff canister, which is customized.

(3) Machine feature

1. rapid mould closing

2. with feeding, cutting and mold unloading device

3. It can once make four products if the rotor outside diamter is within 40mm.