Full auto eight working station coil winding machine RXL4-100

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Product model:RXL4-100

(RXL4-100) Full automatic eight working station coil winding machine for motor 

(1) Machine main function and characteristic

This stator coil winding machine has four winding heads with 8 stations.Hight efficiency is the biggest advantage.The coil winding machine can put coil into transfer tool automatically,especially suitable for high fill factor,small slot opening stator;auto skip,auto cutting,auto indexing could be completed at one time,parameter can be set in HMI,winding tension is adjustable,has continuous/discontinuous winding method,can meet the 2 poles,4 poles,6 poles coil winding.

Mature and advanced technology,reliable quality,easy operation and maintenece.


The stator winding machine is suitable for air conditoner motor,washing machine motor,compressor motor,fan motor,pump motor etc.

(3)Technical paramenter

Wire diameter: 0.19~1.2mm

Flyer diameter: 220mm

Max stack height: 65mm

Max stator OD: 130mm

Max RPM: 2500RPM

Air source: ≥0.5MPa

Operation station: 8

Winding head: 4

Power supply: 380V 50/60HZ 15KW

Weight:about 4500KG


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