High speed electric motor automatic coil winding machine RXL1-160A

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Product model:RXL1-160A

Product parameters

  • Product name:Automatic stator coil winding machine for electric motor
  • Winding head:1pc
  • Wire diameter:0.17~1.2mm
  • Max stack OD:160mm
  • Max stack height:100mm
  • Winding speed:≤2000RPM
  • Flier track:¢200mm
  • Transfer number:2~6section
  • Power supply:380V/50/60HZ 7KW
  • Weight:about 1100kg
  • Dimension:L1800*W1100*2200mm

The automatic coil winding machine adopt  vertical two stations structure,is used for for 2 poles, 4 poles and 6poles electric motor stator coils making. 

automatic electric motor coil winding machine

(1) Machine main function and characteristic

The electric motor coil winding machine is a double-station automatic vertical winding machine, The turntable is two stations structure. It adopts servo system to rotate and index transfer form. 

Able to exactly wind coils onto the forklike flywheel and easily transfer the coil to coil inserter, with high efficiency and great inserting winding effect. 

Each coil winding machine has one set winding tooling and three vertical winding forms.

The whole set of tooling can be changed, and it takes about 15min.

Main spindle is controlled by servo motor. The coil turn number accuracy is ±1 turn.

PLC can set turn number, winding speed, tooling sunk height, tooling sunk speed and winding direction. 

X and Y spindle of wire hooker and wire cutter adopts servo system. It can adjust the length of bridge wire and lead wire. 

Tooling sunk adopts servo system. The max segment number of tooling sunk is 6.

Allow two wires winding simultaneously. 

And it is endowed with the display function of dynamic turns, actual turns, set turns, failure causes and position self-check.

Free of enamel damage and wire snap. Once the copper wire is run out, machine will automatically stop.

The automatic coil winding Machine has no distinct vibration and noise.

(2) Picture show

The automatic coil winding machine 

automatic stator coil winding machine

automatic coil winding machine

automatic stator coil winding machine for electric motor

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High speed electric motor automatic coil winding machine

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