Fully auto stator coil winding and inserting machine R2QL1-120-150N

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Product model:R2QL1-120-150N

Double stator coil winder and insertion euipment /coil winding and inserting machine

(1) Machine Feature

This winding machine is suitable for single phase motors. The main and auxiliary winding process can be wound at the same time to improve the production efficiency. The stator winding machine monitors the status of each station's materials in real time to prevent equipment failures caused by repeated materials. One person can operate multiple machines,and Unmanned production with robot.

(2) Main technical data

Stator OD:≤φ150mm

Stator ID:≤φ110mm

Stack Height:30-120mm

Height of Coil:3

Winding stations:2

Coil inserting station:1

Appropriate Wire:φ0.18-φ1.2mm

Winding inserting mode:chained   /same core

Pitch time:≤40s/pc

Air Pressure:0.6-0.8MPa

Power supply:380V   50/60Hz 15Kw

Weight ≈4000Kg


(3) Application:

The elelctric motor stator coil inserting machine is suitable for air conditioner motor, washing machine motor, compression motor, fan motor, generator motor and pump motor.

(4)The winder and inserting machine show

double stator coil winding machine and inserting machine