Horizontal Single Side big stator coil Lacing Machine BXIW1-300-320N

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Product model:BXIW1-300-320N

Horizontal Single Side stator coil Lacing Machine for high winding overhang big electric motor

(1) Introduction and features

The coil lacing machine can automatically ties off the coil ends of motor stators.

That can reduce the labor involved in handling wire ends and increase production efficiency.

Servo indexing system,

PLC control;

human-machine interface;

Horizontal structure;

The tooling is movable, and convenient for stator fast loading and unloading.

Different lacing methods are programmable, such as slot-by-slot lacing, interval lacing and fancy lacing.

No broken for the lacing thread, no damage for the wire enamel;

Stand operation, single “start” button;

big stator coil lacer machine 

(2) Application

The coil lacing machine is suitable for medium and big motor stator with high winding over-hang.

(3) Technical Parameters

Product name:Horizontal big electric motor stator coil lacing machine
Stator OD:200-320mm;
Stator ID: 90-250mm;
Stator stack length:125-300mm;
Overhang height: 20-65mm
Slot NO.: 8-48 slots (Can be set lacing slot by slot or interval slot);
Lacing method : Single side lacing;
Efficiency: 5sec/slot;
Once lacing qualification ratio≥99.5%;
Voltage: 220V 50/60HZ
Power: 4.5KW

(4) Picture show

The lacing machine ties the one end of the stator coil

sator coil lacing machine

The lacing machine ties the other end of the stator coil

stator coil lacing machine