Automatic Stator Coil Shaping Machine Z2XL1-150-160

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Product model:Z2XL1-150-160

Product parameters

  • Stator ID:30~110mm
  • Stator OD:Max. 160mm
  • Stator stack length:20~200mm
  • Winding overhang:Max 45mm
  • Displacement of cylinder:20L/min
  • Power:380V/50/60HZ 3.75KW
  • Machine weight:about 500Kg
  • Machine dimension:(L)1300*(W)1000*(H) 2400mm

Before lacing process, stator coil needs to do forming so as to better do lacing. The Automatic Stator Coil Shaping Machine is special designed for this purpose. It has a wide application and the operation is simple and easy. 

stator coil forming and shaping machine-1

(1) Machine main function and characteristic

  • This machine adopts whole hydraulic system and PCL program.

  • This machine can adjust the forming stack length by changing washer.

  • This machine has five oil cylinders which work individually to expend inner coil, wrap outer coil and form hang over.

  •  After forming, there is no copper wire enamel broken or wire snap. and coil OD and ID is close to the final forming dimension.

  • Both slot paper and wedge should not be damaged or turned over. The stator should not be deformation or stator lamination should not be upward. There is no wire enamel broken.

  • Production capacity ≤14s/set (exclude loading/unloading time)

  • Primary qualification rate ≥98.5%, after rework, the rate ≥99.5%

  • This machine adopts safety grating protection system. Operator need to stand when operating.

  • Machine adopts two hands simultaneously start button to ensure safety. 

(2) Application

It is suitable for air conditioner motor, washing machine motor, compression motor, fan motor, generator motor and pump motor.

Forming machine working station

induction motor stator coil forming machine-1

stator coil forming machine-1.jpg

electric motor stator coil forming machine-1

automatic stator coil forming machine-1

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Automatic Stator Coil Shaping Machine

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