CE certificted stator winding expansion machine Z1XL1-200-210F

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Product model:Z1XL1-200-210F

This stator winding expansion machine is CE proved. Controlled by the hydraulic pressing system, machine is pushed by oil cylinder. Equipped with light curtain, machine can ensure the safety of operator during machine running. Machine is very easy to operate. During operation,  operator needs to load and unload the stators manually. Other steps will be done by this machine automatically. The upper and down slides expands the inner shape of the coil over-hang. so as to easy do the second winding inserting and wedge inserting process.

Technical data

Stator ID: 30~140mm

Stator OD: Max. 210mm

Stack length: 20~200mm

Height of coil: 15~65mm

Displacement of cylinder: 20F

Power: 380V/50/60HZ   1.5KW

Machine weight: about 500kg

Machine dimension: (L)920*(W)1120*(H)2500mm

CE certificate