Automatic CNC Motor Coil Winding Machine RX3A-550

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Product model:RX3A-550

This type of CNC coil winding machine is suitable for stators needs to do winding inserting by manual. The coil will be wound into the winding tooling then operator needs unload the coils mannually. 

(1) Machine function and characteristic

This machine is suitable for multi-connected and multi layer winding. It adopts special purpose controller which could set the function of arraying direction, winding start point, slow starting, slow ending, sides stop, auto width, auto reset, ect. There are twp alternate spindles to facilitate higer output. 

(2) Main Technical parameter:

  • Swing diameter: ≤550mm

  • Effective length of tooling: ≤400mm

  • Wire head: 1pc

  • Max stack height: 300mm

  • Max stator OD: 210mm

  • Max RPM: 500RPM

  • Power supply: 220V/50/60Hz 2.2Kw

  • Air pressure: 0.4MPa

  • Weight: 300Kg

  • Dimension: 1360mm(L)*1300mm(W)*1280mm(H)

(3) Application

This machine is specially designed for multiple wire parallel coil winding such as fan motor, air conditioner motor, pump motor and three phase motor.

Stator coil winding machine winding tooling: the coil be wound into the tooling shown as below page. 


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Automatic CNC Motor Coil Winding Machine

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