Economic type stator coil winding machine RX1-160

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Product model:RX1-160

Product parameters

  • Winding head:1~8pc
  • Wire diameter:0.2~1.0 mm
  • Swing diameter:220mm
  • Screw travel:170mm
  • Max stator O.D:160mm
  • Max stack height:100mm
  • Winding speed:≤3200RPM
  • Turn number resolution:±0.2 turn
  • Power supply:220V/50/60HZ
  • Motor power:0.75 KW
  • Weight:about 200kg
  • Dimension:L1520*W1220*1290mm

This stator coil winding machine is used wind wire into coils. It has several winding heads and it  altogether can wind 1-4 coils at the same time. 

(1)  Application

This automatic coil winding machine is suitable for multi-connected and multi layer winding. Apply to all kinds of micro motors such as a motor, pump motor, air conditioner motor, three phase machine, etc.

(2)Machine main function and characteristic

 It could be used to do multi-connect and multi-layer winding.

This machine is with 4 winding heads, In one time, the machine could wind 1-4 groups of coils simultaneously, high output.

Tooling change is very fast and convenient.

Could save 999 group data, and machine automatic stop once wire run out

Free of maintenance.

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Economic type stator coil winding machine

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