Full automatic Three Station Stator Coil Inserter Q3L1-75/130T

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Product model:Q3L1-75/130T

This coil inserting machine has three working station and it can automatically insert stator coil and wedge into slot slot. The wedge feeding can be programed in the touch screen. 

(1) Machine main function and characteristic

This stator coil inserting machine adopts movable winding inserting tooling with three working station. One is used to equip with mechanical arm to transfer the coil to the station. The second one is used to cut and form wedge. The third is used to do coil and wdge inserting. This machine is with single-tooth wedge protective function and two sides'mechanical loading and unlaoding function. It can transfer the stator to the automatic stator prodcution line. The working efficacy is very high with three working station. 

(2) Main technical data

Stator stack length:30~120mm

Stator OD:≤150mm

Stator ID:50~120mm

Wire diameter:0.18~1.2mm

Air source:0.6~0.8Mpa

Power supply:380V 50/60HZ 11KW


Deminsion:2550mm(L)X 2230mm(W)X2300mm(H)

(3) Application:

The elelctric motor stator coil inserting machine is suitable for air conditioner motor, washing machine motor, compression motor, fan motor, generator motor and pump motor.

(4) Picture show:

Three Station Stator Coil Inserter motor coil inserting machine -1

Three Station Stator Coil Inserter motor coil inserting machine-2

Three Station Stator Coil Inserter motor coil inserting machine-3