Horizontal Type Stator Winding Inserting Machine QW1-250/300

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Product model:QW1-250/300

The coil inserting process is generally the most time consuming element in the manufacture of a stator for an electric motor. Nide well constructs its machines, even the tooling, which is manufactured to an extremely high standard and well polished and treated to give perfect results.

(1) Machine main function and characteristic

  • With horizontal frame design, controlled by industrial programmable PLC. It is used for winding and wedge automatically inserting. 

  • It adopts AC servo motor driving system, AC frequency conversion speed regulation system, pneumatic system. 

  • It can achieve wedge length setting, feeding, cutting, forming and inserting into stator together with coil automatically. Coil inserting speed can be set at different section. Wedge feeding mode can be set according to different motor. 

  • Euipped with human-machine control interface, it has the function of status display, malfunction alarm, various parameters setting etc. 

  • It has the characteristic of widely application, high automation, easy operation and convenient tooling change.

(2) Main Technical Parameter:

  • Stator ID: φ100-φ150

  • Stator OD: ≤250mm

  • Stator height: 80-300mm

  • Appropriated wire diameter: 0.2~1.2mm

  • Slot number range: 24~48slot

  • Power: 380V 50- 60HZ 3KW

  • Dimension: 3210*820*1600mm

  • Weight: 800KG

(3) Application:

The large stator coil winding inserting machine is suitable for induction motors.

(4)Picture show:

 Horizontal Type Stator Winding Inserting Machine-1

 Horizontal Type Stator Winding Inserting Machine-2

 Horizontal Type Stator Winding Inserting Machine-3

 Horizontal Type Stator Winding Inserting Machine-4