Long type Motor Stator Coil Inserting Machine QWB1-600/150

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Product model:QWB1-600/150

This type of stator coil inserting machine can insert coil and wedge or coil and wedge in the mid of slot into stator at a time. Every machine we supply gives the option to program for the stator parameter. 

(1)  Machine mainfunction and characteristic

This lagrge stator coil inserting mahcine is horizontal type semi-auto winding inserting machine. It adopts Mitsubishi AC servo motor and pneumatic element system drive. The stator coil inserting machine si controlled by PLC and equipped with X and Y spindle auto feeding device. It can automatically insert coil and wedge into stator slot simultaneously. 

(2) Main technicaldata

Stator Stack length:300~600mm

Stator OD:Max 300mm

Stator ID:50~150mm

Wire diameter:0.18~1.2mm



Weight:about 1200kg


(3) Application

The stator coil inserting machine is applied to deep water pump motor and other various type of overlength motor stator. 

(4) Picture show

Motor Stator Coil Inserting Machine-2

Motor Stator Coil Inserting Machine-3

Motor Stator Coil Inserting Machine-1