Automatic Stator Slot Cell Insulating Machine CZSL1-160-200

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Product model:CZSL1-160-200

This automatic paper inserting machine is used for stators with multi slot shapes. Paper forming, paper cutting, and paper inserting can all be set as per customer's requirement. 

(1) Machine function and character:

CZSL1-160/200 Servo stator slot insulation paper inserting machine is a special design specific to different design or different sizes of slot; can finish insulation paper insertion at a time; automatic adjustment to perimeter, automatic cutting paper, automatic hemming and automatic inserting when inserting to various or different-sized slot; use servo paper inserting machine to feed paper and settle breadth; interpersonal interface sets required specific parameter; forming mode is adjustable to different sizes of slot automatically; characterized by simple operation, low noise, fast speed and high automaticity.

(2) Main technical data:

  • Stator I.D:70~140mm

  • Stator O.D:≤200mm

  • Stator stack length:≤160mm

  • Width of edge folded:3~7mm

  • Feeding length:≥15mm

  • Paper thickness:≤0.35mm

  • Power supply:380V/50/60Hz 0.75KW

  • Air pressure:≥0.6MPa

  • Weight:280Kg

  • Dimension:1150*1000*1600mm


This automatic stator insulation paper inserting machine is used for induction motor stator.

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