Stator Auto Wedge Inserting Machine CZGL2-160-190W

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Product model:CZGL2-160-190W

This machine is used for wedge inserting. It should be used together semi-auto type stator winding inserting machine.

(1) Machine function and characteristic:

This machine is used for preparing wedge.It inserts the wedge into jig so that operator could transfer wedge into the depot of semi-auto coil inserting machine, Wedge feeding, edge folding(optional) and forming process are all done automatic by machine. It features as easy operation, fast tooling change, the machine is suitable for smal quantity with multi sizes stator production. 

(2) Technical parameter:

  • Stack height: 20~160mm

  • Stator ID:50-120mm

  • Stator OD:≤190mm

  • Efficiency:0.45s/s

  • Power supply: 220V/ 50/60Hz 0.75Kw

  • Weight:250Kg

  • Dimension:1200*700*1100mm 

(3) Application:

This machine is used fro wedge inserting expecially for simple winding inserting machine. 

stator insulation inserting machine.jpg

stator slot insulation inserting machine.jpg