Submersible water pump stator slot paper inserting machine CZDW2-250(300)

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Product model:CZDW2-250(300)

Product parameters

  • Product name:Small and medium submersible and water pump motor stator slot paper and inseting machine
  • Stack thickness:50mm-250mm
  • Stator I.D:Φ 50mm- Φ 120mm
  • Height of edge folded:2mm-5mm
  • Insulation paper's thickness:0.25-0.35mm
  • Feeding length:15mm-50mm
  • Tack time:0.6-2s/slot
  • Inpu/Voltaget:380V 50/60Hz
  • Power:0.75KW
  • Machine productivity:around 1200pcs/8hours
  • Weight:≈ 500kg
  • Dimension:1100mm × 900mm × 1500mm

Atuoamtic submersible and water pump stator slot paper inserting machine

1. Introduction to slot paper inserting machine:

This paper inserting machine is specially designed for slot cell or wedge paper insertion of medium and small size stator , especially suitable for submersible and water pump stators.All procedure are done by the machine automatically except to put on and take off stator. The complete inserting time for 24 slots can be shorten to 20sec/stator. The production cost will be highly reduced by labor cost and decreasing the material loss .

water pump motor stator slot paper inserting machine

2. Main Features of slot paper inserting machine

1) A special design for stators with different slot numbers and size,

2)Stator insulation paper insertion process can be completed at one time.

3) Indexing can be configured with servo motors or stepper motors.

4) Just manual put on and take off stator , paper feeding, cutting and inserting are finished by servo motors;

5) Interpersonal interface can sets specific parameters;

6) Forming mold is adjustable to different sizes automatically;

7)Easy adjustment while changing stack height of stator or width of insulating paper.

8)Meet different shape of stator slots by changing tooling.

9 )High insertion speed (Fastest about to 0.6sec/slot), labor saving, cost reduction, and stable quality output.

10) Simple operation, low noise,and high automation.

 stator insulation paper inserting machine

3. Application of slot paper inserting machine:

The slot paper and insulation wedge inserting machine is used for medium and small size electric motor stator ,such as washing machine motor, fan motor, compressor motor,submersible motor and water pump motor.

 stator slot paper inserting machine

4. Slot paper inserting machine picture show:

  a. Insulation paper inserting machine display

motor stator paper inserting machine

b. The Insulation paper station display:

water pump stator paper insertion

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Submersible water pump stator slot paper inserting machine

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