Stator varnish impregnation plant ND-ZCJR

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Product model:ND-ZCJR

Product parameters

  • Working position:32
  • Varnish depth:160mm
  • Bracket dimension:900mm*300mm
  • Productivity:4000-5000pcs/20 hours
  • Working temperature:≤145 C, adjustable
  • Power:75KW (electricity supply) 15KW (diesel supply)
  • Dimension:8000mm*2200mm*2500mm (electricity supply) 8000mm*4200mm*2800mm (diesel supply)

This type of stator varnish plant is designed to do varnish dipping, impregnation on the stators, starters etc. With a big oven,  it can achieve mass production of stators. 

(1) Applications: 

This machine is suitable for induction motor stator. It is mainly applied to stator winding insulation treatment for fractional horsepower motor and industrial Y series motor which is below frame size 132.

(2) Main features:

The whole process, except for loading and unloading, is completely automatically.

Working process: loading stator to the basket---basket moves to the preheating area---cooling area----dipping area---dropping area----curing area----unloading stators from the basket

Heating time, pitch time and temperature can be set. 

This machine is controlled be PLC.

Mass production

Stator suitable for this machine


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Stator varnish impregnation plant

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