Stator epoxy coating machine ND-XQTF-10

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Product model:ND-XQTF-10

o powder coating so as to insulate the stator coil. we manufacture technically advanced, heavy-duty powder coating machinery to provide powder coaters with the equipment they need to produce a high volume of high quality work as efficiently as possible. 

(1)  Main technical data:

Workpiece material: Enameled wire

Workpiece Dimension: Stator lamination diameter<Φ95mm, stator lamination thickness (including coil height)<100mm Max

 Workpiece weight:<3 Kg Max/pc

Output: 120~180pcs/h (This output means the machine working ability; it depends on the powder characteristic.)

Working hours: Decide by customer

(2)  Application

This stator Coil Powder Coating Machine is used for stator coil powder coating insulation.

(3) Machine function and character:
This machine has counting function. Working hours can be decided by customer. Machine working ability 120~180pcs/

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Stator epoxy coating machine

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