Quality electric motor Stator Testing Machine ND-STA-856F

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Product model:ND-STA-856F

Product parameters

  • 1. AC Hipot:apply AC high voltage between winding and iron core and test the current of testing loop.
  • output voltage setting range/precision:AC 500~3000V±(2%×setting value+10V)
  • breakdown current testing range/precision:0.10~20.00mA±(2%×display value+0.05mA)
  • Hipot current presetting alarm range:0.10~20.00mA(MAX);0.00~20.00mA(Min)
  • Hipot current/resolution:±(2%×display value+0.05 mA);0.01 mA
  • test time range/resolution:0.5~999.9s 0.1s/step
  • arc detection:0~9 grade
  • 2. Insulation Resistance:apply DC high voltage between winding and iron core and check the insulation resistance of testing loop.
  • output voltage setting range/precision:DC 500V/1000V ±(2%×setting value+10V)
  • insulation resistance testing range/precision:1~500MΩ ≤100MΩ:±(3%×setting value+0.5MΩ);>100 MΩ:±(5%×setting value+5MΩ)
  • insulation resistance alarm setting range:0~500MΩ(MAX);1~100MΩ(Min)
  • test time range/resolution:0.5~999s 0.1s/step
  • 3. Surge:apply impulse high voltage to windings and compare the oscillation graph with the saved graph.
  • output voltage setting range/precision:500~3000V ±(3%×setting value+10V)
  • sampling frequency:100MHz
  • waveform comparison:area area difference corona and phase 3 waveforms displayed in the testing interface
  • 4. DC winding resistance:four-wire resistance measuring method. Apply DC current to the windings and test the temperature and winding resistance under current environment. The resistance will be converted to the value under designated temperature(generally 20℃ or 25℃) automatically.
  • testing range and precision:10.0mΩ~20KΩ±(0.3%×display value+3 words) temperature compensation can be set.
  • test time range/resolution:0.5~999s 0.1s/step
  • resolution:0.001 ohm
  • temperature probe/range:DS18b20 -10.0℃~+50.0℃
  • precision:±0.5°C(range

Quality electric motor Stator Testing Machine-Motor stator Testing system equipment manufacturer and supplier

As high quality motor stator testing machine manufacturer and supplier, we can provide stator testing machines, rotor testing machines, motor testing equipment, brushless motor testing systems, etc. The motor stator testing machine adopts automated stator testing system, can test a variety of stators of different specifications, and is suitable induction motor, single-phase motor, three-phase motor, pump motor, compressor motor, washing machine motor, fan motor, etc. Configure self-diagnosis and remote automatic upgrade functions to facilitate later system upgrades and maintenance.

I. Stator Testing machine introduction

1. Model: ND-STA-856F

2. Test object: electric motor stator

3. Testing stations: double test station

4. Clamping mode: manually

II. Testing Machine Features

1. Linux operating system, professional control software, simple interface

2. Standard equipped with code scanning function (optional equipped with code scanner)

3. Standard equipped with yellow, green and red indicating light. Yellow-in test, green-pass, and red-fail.

4. Temperature compensation: automatically converted the tested value to that under standard temperature.

5. The test time for one stator is less than 8s.

6. The left station and right station can work separately to improve the testing efficiency.

7. The light and sound alarm will be triggered in case of any equipment failure or the stator fails the test.

8. The color of the testing system is aluminum primary color.

9. Multiple interfaces: USB, LAN, CAN, RS232.

10. Support to connect with the MES system (production management system).

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III. Test items

AC Hipot 3KV,insulation resistance, surge 3KV, wingding resistance.

IV. Software Function Description:

1. All the testing items can be selected or unselected as required.

2. The quantity of model can be created up to 1000 groups.

3. The threshold value of each model can be entered and saved for a long time. For the inductance and resistance, the system has the function of setting, displaying and determining the unbalanced degree.

4. Two options are available in case of the tested stator fail the test: “continue to test” and “stop the test”. If the winding resistance test shows fail, the test can be stopped until testing all three windings.

5. The testing data are stored in the data base, including the barcode information and test result.

6. All the testing data can be saved in the testing system or exported in the format of Excel via the USB flash drive.

7. User permission setting allows the administrator and user have different permission to set the testing data.

V. Picture show

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Quality electric motor Stator Testing Machine

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