Stator performance testing panel ND-VGX-23X-ATE3

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Product model:ND-VGX-23X-ATE3

This stator testing panel is suitable for air conditioner motor, washing machine motor, servo motor, stepping motor and other ironclad stator. It can test dielectric strength, insulation resistanc, coil resistance, surge and running direction.

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1. Technical data

    (1) Insulation resistancetest


     Voltage:DC  250V/500V/1000V


     (2) HV test




(3) Surge test


 surge datas:Differential plot (0-100%), plot difference (0-100%), store three standard waveforms


(4) DC resistance test

  current:1000mA          range:0-2Ω

  current: 100mA           range:2Ω-20Ω

  current:  10mA            range:20Ω-200Ω

  current:   1mA             range:200Ω-2000Ω


2. Machine main function and characteristic

All the test items are done automatically at one time

Two work station, high efficient.

Testing item could be select as per requirement, approval criteria could be automatic generated by sampling.

Ambient temperature compensation automatically

Alarm for NG part.

Testing data could be save, transfer and printed.

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Stator performance testing panel

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