intelligent stator performance testing panel ND-VGX-23X-ATE

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Product model:ND-VGX-23X-ATE

Product parameters

  • machine name:stator testing panel equipment
  • machine module:ND-VGX-23X-ATE
  • power supply:220V±10% 50HZ
  • temperature:0-40℃
  • himidity:0-85%RH
  • standards:GB/T 755-2008,GB1032-2012,GB/T1311-2008.

I. Machine Introduction

The electric motor stator tesing machine is use for tesing the stator about HV,insulation resistance,DC resistance,surge  test.Each test items can be selected or abandoned at random to meet the efficiency of the test. It can set up the standard of qualification arbitrarily, and automatically start the sound and light alarm when the test result data exceeds the standard.

II. Testing items parameters 

1.HV test:




2.Insulation resistance test:

Voltage:DC  250V/500V/1000V



3.DC resistance test:

current:1000mA   range:0-2Ω

current: 100mA    range:2Ω-20Ω

current:    10mA    range:20Ω-200Ω

current:           1mA      range:200Ω-2000Ω


4.surge test:


surge datas:Differential plot (0-100%), plot difference (0-100%), store three standard waveforms


5.other test:

Each test items can be selected or abandoned at random to meet the efficiency of the test

III.Main features

1、Item select:can test HV,insulation resistance,DC resistance,surge,and the testing time could be  set in software.

2、 type selecting:can storage the different motor type datas for easiler transferred. 

3、 system management authorization.

4、Each test items can be selected or abandoned at random to meet the efficiency of the test. It can set up the standard of qualification arbitrarily, and automatically start the sound and light alarm when the test result data exceeds the standard. Meet the needs of high-speed users' measurement: the measurement time can be set arbitrarily from 0.2-999S, and the measurement rate can be set in the range of 100mS, 200mS, 300mS, 500mS and 1000mS.

5、In the range of power frequency withstand voltage can be arbitrarily set the voltage value, the system automatically generates voltage stabilizing effect (IGBT/PWM modulation), the test data is not affected by the external power grid voltage fluctuation, voltage output voltage has a slow rise and drop function, avoid and produce inaccurate measurement data or damage measured goods phenomenon due to voltage or the current impact.

6、A variety of frequency division coefficients are available for users, and the wide frequency range of DC-40MHZ is designed carefully to ensure higher measurement accuracy and real and perfect interturn waveforms.

7、system has sensorsto monitoring  temperature and humidity, The software has the function of turning on / off resistance value conversion.

8、Manually correcting the inherent pressure leakage current and inherent insulation resistance of the test system to improve the system testing accuracy.

9、The system can not only automatically calibrate all item parameters, but also facilitate the self checking of functions, so that the system can quickly diagnose and diagnose its own faults automatically, so that the on-site diagnosis and repair can be made quickly after the system fails.

10、 parameters input:can input the judge  standards of each motor ,and save in the system.

11、The application of EMC technology and the guarantee of good manufacturing process ensure the reliability and anti-interference ability of the system to the maximum, and the system can run stably and reliably under the environment of interference, spark, high voltage and strong electric shock.

12、Statistical data: Powerful data management function, can search each motor monitoring data results (by type, number, date, item, qualified) and other conditions, and form statistical data reports. This report can be printed and archived conveniently, it can be used as motor factory verification report.

13, real-time monitoring: real-time display of each test data, unqualified items have acoustooptic alarm function.

14. temperature compensation: the conversion temperature can be set arbitrarily, the default is the conversion of 20 degrees C (the environment temperature value is provided by the internal sensor).

IV、Machine mode

1、 merchanical and electrical measurement mode

a)、use ND-VGX-23X-ATE type assembly frames。

b)、The default spray color is gray, dark blue edge angle. The color can be required.

c), with a foot wheel and a brake device to enhance the mobility and stability.

d), each test circuit board is designed independently, the level is clear, the structure is reasonable, the disassembly is convenient,.

2、 software mode

a)、IPC:17”Screen,2G memory, 500G hard disk, DVD CD-ROM drive, USB interface.

b)、testing software:It has many types of product parameters input and storage function, and can be easily transferred. The test items can select or choose several pcs, and automatically testing , the unqualified  pcs will go with alarm. The test data can be saved automatically and manually. It has the functions of data storage, report, statistics and analysis, and can generate data report. The data report shows the testing parameters of motor directly, comprehensively and accurately. The data report can be printed and reserved for the inspection data of the motor.

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intelligent stator performance testing panel

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